What is dangerous about cheap GPS-jammers

In January 2007, strange things began to happen in San Diego: ATMs stopped working, the cellular communication was lost, the work of monitoring flights at the airport was broken, etc.

The chaos had lasted for two hours, until the cause was determined: near the coast there were two U.S. Navy warships, which carried out a play-war under the conditions of loss of communication.
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A new efficient technology to identify the author of anonymous e-mail was created

Professor of the University of Concordia (Montreal, Canada) Benjamin Fung has created a powerful new technology to determine the identity based on the text of the e-mail, which is a proven expert opinion and can be used in court.

Dr. Fung (professor of engineering information systems) and his team used methods that are used in speech recognition and intellectual analysis of data to identify recurring elements, ie, distinctive features of combinations that are repeated in the letters of the suspect.
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Web Dogma. 10 rules of creating sites for users

Today I happened to attend a lecture by Eric Reiss, a specialist on issues of information architecture, usability and user experience.

Though these terms sound pretty scary, and the last one has no translation into Russian, they describe the subject area is important for everyone who works with both structure and design of websites and their content.
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